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We hope that everyone had a fun summer with family and friends, and that you have survived the first days of school. Now, you can focus on the work that is important to you!  On a personal note, my husband and I will be adjusting to an empty house for the first time in 26 years- the future looks great, but I am a little lost at the moment.

Fall is also a busy time for SANE programs. A recent article in the Burlington Free Press highlighted the increase in sexual violence on college campuses in the fall. The advocacy agency reports that more than 50% of all sexual assaults occur between August and November, and that college women between 18-24 years old, are three times more likely to experience sexual violence than women in general. Now would be a great time to provide outreach to your local college, high school, or collaborate with your community advocacy group. As a reminder, look at your supplies- reorder kits, DFSA kits, organize your supplies, and staff appropriately.

Training opportunities

The 2019 Combined SANE Course is coming up in November and December- we are offering a combined adult/adolescent and pediatric course. The training will be offered over seven days including a simulation day. Here is a link with more information registration link

Practicing Vermont Forensic Nurses can attend any session of the course and obtain CEUs. Look for the agenda in the September update.

Tour of the VT Forensic Lab and Legal Consideration and Judicial Proceedings- if you have an upcoming deposition or trial, this would be a great opportunity to practice and learn about best practice for testifying from an attorney

Register here:

When: September 20, 2019, Where: 45 State Drive in Waterbury, Vermont. 

Directions: Take Interstate 89 to the Waterbury Exit (Exit 10) turn onto Route 100.  Take a Left onto South Main Street (U. S. Route 2, proceed through the roundabout).  After approximately one mile take a right into the South Entrance of the State Complex.  On the left with the Vermont Criminal Justice Services (look for the green awning).


0900-1100: Legal Considerations and Judicial Proceedings with Michele Olvera, Supervising Attorney, Justice for Victims Clinic, VT Network

1100-1200: Nursing Professional Presence, CV/Resume preparation with Raenetta and Tracey

1200-1300: Lunch with the Child Safe Program (Dr. James Metz, Mary-Ellen Rafuse MSW)

1300-1500: Kit Analysis 101 for Forensic Nurses and tour with Trisha Conti Ph.D., Director, VT Forensic Lab

***This opportunity meets VT SANE credentialing requirements. CEUs available***

Register here:


It is time to start planning for SANE Pediatric and Adult credentialing or re-credentialing.

Who: if you took the Pediatric course in 2018, if you took the Adult course in 2017 or if you re credentialed in 2017, you are required to submit a list of your cases, case review attendance and CEU’s

What: you will find the specific requirement and forms on the Vermont SANE website

When: December 15, 2019

Kit documentation- I have heard from several law enforcement agencies that they are having difficulty obtaining the kit documentation paperwork for reported sexual assault cases. Please note that if a patient signs a consent form for a reported medical forensic examination you (the SANE) can include a copy of the kit documentation with the evidence kit. The exact wording on the consent states:

            I __ _, authorize______(facility name) and its agents to release the facility laboratory results, medical reports, photographs and related information from the sexual assault evidence kit pertinent to this specific visit for sexual assault to the appropriate law enforcement officials. This information may be used in court proceedings. I herewith release and hold harmless____ (facility name) and its agents from any and all liability of injury whatsoever which may in any manner result from the authorized release of such information.

The process for making copies for a reported case:

  • seal the yellow (or copy) of the kit documentation paperwork in the kit for the forensic lab

  • make a copy of the kit documentation paperwork for law enforcement (I put a copy in an envelope and secure it to the outside of the kit with a rubber band),

  • scan a copy into the patient’s hospital chart (to access at a later date)

  • Keep a copy in a binder for your SANE program records. The binder should be in a locked or secured area (to use for peer review)

SANE A resources

I am working on a guideline for hospital forensic programs for providing HIV PEP to patients with a substantial risk of accruing HIV after a sexual assault. If you have not already done so please contact me and let me know what medication you provide to patients, if you have a starter pack available, and who you refer the patient to for follow up care. 

I would discourage you from providing the patient with a 28-day supply of medication, because follow up is critical, and the cost of the medication is over $2000.  I would recommend that you discuss options for medication with your hospital pharmacist and until you have a medication starter pack available, only provide a 7-day RX to patients upon discharge. More to come…..

SANE P resources

On behalf of the Child Safe Program, here are two documents that can be used with families when there is a concern for abuse.

We use the Injury Evaluation flyer when talking with families about our worries. So far, the feedback has been that it feels helpful for healthcare providers to start from the same taking place.

For patients that you know will be needing a skeletal survey at UVMMC- feel free to offer this flyer.

Bone survey

injury evaluation

And thanks for all of the care you provide to patients throughout Vermont!

  • Raenetta, Tracey, Sarah, and Kiona