on the Me Too Kit

A note from the Vermont SANE Program on the Me Too Kit

By now you may have heard about the Me Too Kit - a company promoting its product of an “at home rape kit” for evidence collection after sexual assault. The company has been conducting outreach to the general public to increase pre-orders of its product and to market its college focused pilot program.

It is no surprise that many of our local and national allied partners in the work to end sexual violence have shared swift and concerned responses to this business venture - the company makes many claims about the benefits of attempting to collect DNA evidence at home that gravely misrepresent the realities of forensic medical care after a sexual assault.

While the Vermont SANE Program develops its official response to the Me Too Kit, we also want to send out a brief note to all survivors who may consider seeking care after a sexual assault. We believe that confidential evidence collection and other forensic medical care should be free to all survivors. We believe that survivors are the experts of their own experiences, and should be empowered with all of the best information and options available to make choices after an experience of violence. We also believe that it is on the entire community, and not an individual survivor themselves, to hold people accountable for their choices to use sexual violence to harm someone.

The Me Too Kit is a dangerous and misinformed diversion away from many of the resources we have worked to make available to survivors of sexual assault and abuse, should they want to engage with a criminal legal process. If you or someone you know is considering using an at home evidence collection kit, please know that it is unlikely to be received as “evidence” by law enforcement, and that a free and confidential sexual assault nurse examination kit is available to you at hospitals across Vermont.

Here are some additional statements on the Me Too Kit from our national partners:

And please feel free to reach out with questions or thoughts on this issue,

  • Kiona, Raenetta, Tracey, and Sarah

New Update Format!

We are excited to changing how we connect and communicate the the SANE community across Vermont. Going forward you will be able to find monthly updates, as well as other important announcements here on our Updates page. Check out our August 2019 update here, and let us know what you think!

November Update

Happy winter in November!  I hope you are warm and cozy on this snowy day.  I am writing this while sitting next to a roaring fire at home because the roads were too treacherous to drive from Jericho to Montpelier.  

So much has happened since the last update, we had 14 SANEs representing Vermont at the IAFN conference in Reno.  The conference was a wonderful opportunity to learn the latest evidence-based practices in one of the 100 educational sessions, and mingle with 950 Forensic Nurses from across the world.

The keynote speakers included a survivor of human trafficking that is the CEO of the Trafficking in America Taskforce; a professor who does research on the status of women in the world for WomenStats.org, Valerie discussed how the disempowerment of women affects health, prosperity, stability, and security of countries; and my favorite, Early learning and Nurturing Care for Children Displaced by conflict, Shanna discussed the collaboration of Sesame Street Workshop and International Rescue Committee to created early learning programs to the children of Syria.  I am always re-energized and full of new ideas after attending this conference. 

It is never too early to start planning for next years conference, Sept 11-14 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Ask your hospital, CAC or SIU for funding.

The following nurses have recently completed the 40-hour pediatric SANE training. Next steps for these SANEs will be to shadow a practicing pediatric SANE for the next few months and then they will be ready to care for pediatric patients that have been abused or sexually assaulted. Please congratulate them on their hard work and professional growth.

Erika Thomas – Porter Medical Center

Catlin Tilley and Alison Camarda- SVMC

Loretta Charles, Brenda Neff, and Emily LeVan- CVMC

Kathleen Goodell- BMH

Amanda Domingus- RRMC

Gail Fein, Hillary Sylvester, and Courtney Leduc- NMC

Kathleen Keenan, Moriah McCullagh, and Beth Paquin- UVMMC

Barbara Lord Springfield Hospital



The deadline for Vermont SANE Credentialing is December 15th if you are a new SANE or up for renewal here are some of the changes to the credentialing process:

Initial Credentialing:

Adult/Adolescent (those who took the course in 2018) Form A and A-1

Pediatric (those who took the course in 2016) Form B and B-1

Re-credentialing (you were certified/re-certified in 2016), please review the changes and return Form E and your exam Log before December 15.

If you have any questions or are unsure of your status do not hesitate to contact me.

Vermont Adult/Adolescent SANE must perform at least four (4) sexual assault examinations over a two (2) year credentialing period. These exams may be simulated

Vermont Pediatric SANE must perform at least two (2) sexual assault examinations over a two (2) year credentialing period. If the Pediatric SANE does not have the opportunity to perform at least two (2) sexual assault examinations over a period of two (2) years, observation of the nurse performing a simulated sexual assault examination may be substituted to meet this requirement;

Vermont Adult/Adolescent and Pediatric SANE- must perform four (4) sexual assault examinations over a two (2) year credentialing period, two (2) of these exams must be pediatric sexual assault examinations.  These examinations may be simulated.

  1. Maintain a log of the sexual assault examinations performed over the two (2) year re-certification period with the following information: log

  • Date of the examination

  • Age of the patient

  • Location of the examination

Starting on December 1st you will log your cases on the NEW UPS tracking system which can be found on the Vermont SANE Website- www.vermontsane.org  

UPS Kit Tracking instructions

We have new and improved billing forms- Vickie Garza, the sexual assault billing specialist at crime victim services, has been working hard to make the billing forms easier to read and understand (for those 3 am cases). 

Make sure you make copies of the following forms and keep them in your SANE binder, they will also be available on the website - www.vermontsane.org  

Billing forms 

PHI Billing Form


Upcoming Education:

SANE Education at the University of Vermont Simulation Lab on Saturday, January 19th click here to register  click here for the brochure

The purpose of this education is to provide new and updated information on the care of patients who have experienced sexual violence.  The education day will include lectures, case review, and case simulation with live gynecological teaching assistants. 

Adult/Adolescent SANE Training is scheduled for April 3,4 and 10-11, if you know of a nurse in your hospital or clinic that would be interested registration will begin next week.

That's all for now- stay safe and go have some fun in the snow!!




May Update

Happy Spring,

We had many false starts, but I think springtime has finally arrived in Vermont. While I have not yet planted my vegetable garden my flower garden is in full bloom. It has been a few months since I last updated you on the Vermont SANE program and a lot has happened in that time. Tracey Wagner has accepted the Vermont Pediatric SANE Clinical Coordinator position and will be working at the Vermont Network in Montpelier one day a week. Many of you may know Tracey as the Assistant Nurse Manager on the pediatric unit at UVMMC. Tracey has over 30 years of clinical and leadership experience in pediatrics and has been a pediatric SANE for many years. She helped develop the pediatric evidence collection kit and helped Joan Carson facilitate the 2016 Pediatric SANE course. Among many of Tracey's accomplishments, she received the Kidsafe Collaborative Outstanding Professional Award in 2017. I am thrilled to welcome her to the Vermont Network to continue her amazing work for pediatric patients!  Our first project will be to expand the pediatric SANE programs across Vermont. If you are interested in establishing a pediatric SANE program in your hospital feel free to contact Tracey@vtnetwork.org or Raenetta@vtnetwork.org. 

In other exciting news, we now have 85 certified Adult/Adolescent SANEs in all 15 Vermont Hospitals.  There were 12 nurses that completed the SANE course in April and are ready to care for patients who have experienced a sexual assault.  Please join me in welcoming the following nurses:

  • Ashley Currier and Emily Dale from Copley Hospital

  • Alison Farr from Parton Health Center at Middlebury College

  • Barbara Lord and Jennifer Fitch from Springfield Hospital

  • Jessilyn Dolan from UVM College

  • Tara Gomo from Mt Ascutney Hospital

  • Janet Woodruff, Nicole Killian, Louisa Pratt and Olvia Snyder from UVMMC

  • Alicia Schwarz from The Community Health Center in Burlington

I am excited to have these amazing nurses join the Vermont SANE Program


What is happening in Vermont and beyond-

Pediatric Case review will be this Thursday, May 24th @ 8 am. Case review is held at UVMMC on the 4th Thursday of the month.  Adult case review will be canceled this month because I will be attending an all-day MOAB training at UVMMC - fun fun!!  Save the Date -On June 28th we will have both pediatric (8am-9am) and adult (9:30-10-30) case review at UVMMC and on skype.  More to come....

The Pediatric SANE Course is scheduled for November 7,8 and 14,15th at the Waterbury State Office Complex click here to register. 

Articles and Webinars

As always Forensic Health Online has many pertinent articles and clinical guides click here for the link.

IAFN is offering a few upcoming webinars:

Differential Diagnosis in Pediatric Sexual Assault: Finding the Zebra June 19th from 2 pm -3:30 pm certificate of completion provided.

click here to register

The SART Toolkit: tools and resources to facilitate a coordinated team approach to sexual assault July 12, 2018 - 2 pm  

click here to register


Archived Webinars that may be worthwhile

Post Exposure Prophylaxis to HIV: Keep it Simple click here to access - you will need a basic IAFN membership to register for this webinar.

The connection between Trauma and Addiction click here to view


Resources for your programs

Post-Sexual Exposure (nPEP) HIV Prevention Toolkit Publish date: January 26, 2018 click here to view


I hope you find something here that sparks your interest, and that you can apply to your practice. 

That's all for now,


March Update

As much as I enjoy the snow and winter activities, I love this sunshine!! I hope you are outside having fun while it lasts.

Joan’s retirement celebration was a success, the party was well attended by SANEs, community members, and the Vermont Network team. The tributes were humorous and heartfelt.  I am in awe of the amazing work that Joan accomplished in her short tenure as the Vermont SANE Clinical Coordinator.

Please consider donating to the Joan Carson Scholarship Fund for SANE education-Vermont Network PO Box 405. Montpelier, Vermont 05601

I have been busy working on the 2018 SANE/Forensic course. Thank you, to everyone who has already agreed to present.  I could not do this without the support of all the different community members. 

After feedback from last years course, I have consolidated the training from 5 consecutive days to 4 days over two weeks, and 8 hours of independent study.  Many nurses stated that it was difficult for their hospital to cover their shifts for an entire week.  We will see how this works. I am always open to suggestions.

There is still time to sign-up if you are interested or know a nurse in your organization the would like to become a Forensic Nurse.

Adult Adolescent Course Registration form- https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018SANE-A

The Vermont SANE program is offering a pediatric course in November.  I know there are many hospitals across Vermont that are struggling with lack of pediatric SANEs coverage.  It is considered best practice to care for patient’s that have experienced sexual or physical violence in their own community. It is frustrating to have to send a patient and their family to a hospital that is sometimes hours away from their home or worse, in a different state. Please consider taking the course or encouraging another nurse in your organization to become a pediatric forensic nurse/SANE. 

Pediatric Course Registration Form- https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018PEDSANE

Vermont Training

The Strangulation Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention- will be offering a 1-day training on April 13 in Brattleboro

The Women's Freedom Center and the Windom County States Attorney office will be sponsoring a FREE training on Strangulation. Gael Steak, from the Strangulation Institute, will be presenting at a 1-day training on Friday, April 13 from 9:00-5:00 pm, at the Winston Prouty Center in Brattleboro. If you are interested in attending the training, email The Women's Freedom Center at advocates@womensfreedomcenter.net putting TISP in the subject line.  The Vermont Network may be able to provide a stipend to SANE/Forensic nurses that are interested in attending this training.  1_Day_Agenda_with_Exercises.pdf

One of the challenges that many SANE/Forensic Programs have is financial support from their hospital, for professional development.  Nurses are expected to attend training and educational events on their own time and pay with their own money. If you would like to help please donate to the Joan Carson Scholarship Fund for SANE Education or sponsor a SANE to attend a training. Thank you


The National Criminal Justice Training Center has many interesting webinars in March

Sexual Violence in Cyberspace -From Abuse Images to Revenge Porn

Part 1 | Thursday, March 15, 2018, | 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm ET click here to register

Part 2 | Thursday, March 29, 2018, | 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm ET click here to register

Child Sex Trafficking and Gangs

Wednesday, March 21, 2018, | 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm ET click here to register

Sextortion Webinar Series

Part 2: What Is It and How Can We Respond?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, | 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm ET click here to register

Need to catch up on Part 1? 

Subscribe to our Criminal Justice Online Learning Catalog and you

can watch it when it is convenient for you. click here to register

More Webinars are available on demand - ncjtc.org/ondemand

Strangulation Institute has two new webinars on Pediatric Strangulation.

Pediatric Strangulation, Part 1

Presented by: Gael Strack, JD; Bill Smock, MD; Cathy Baldwin Johnson, MD; Diana Faugno, RN; Val Sievers, RN; Katie Snyder, MD -This webinar will highlight the unique challenges faced by medical providers and investigators when working... Read More

Pediatric Strangulation, Part 2

Presented by: Gael Strack, JD; Bill Smock, MD; Cathy Baldwin Johnson, MD; Diana Faugno, MSN, RN; Val Sievers, MSN, RN; and Jennifer Green, RN, BSN, BA This webinar will continue where we left off with... Read More

Update on Emergency Contraception Webinar Series


Safeta Webinar Series

Post-exposure prophylaxis to HIV medication- Make it simple



Leadership and training workshop in Washington D.C.

This is an opportunity for you to develop your voice and implement knowledge gained from day-one learning's to educate legislators on forensic nursing issues, seek support for specific bills or legislative initiatives, and show appreciation for past support. Click here for more information


Forensic Health Online

Articles of interest from Forensic Health Online-  I would encourage you to sign up for Jennifer Markowitz’s website Forensic Health Online newsletter.  She sends out weekly information on a range of topics- sexual violence, pediatrics, HT, documentation and a monthly review of current articles of interest.  She does the work for us!!


In Other News

This is a timely and interesting article for those of us who are caring for patients in the hallway!

Emerg Med J. 2018 Feb 3. pii: emermed-2017-207119. doi: 10.1136/emermed-2017-207119.

[Epub ahead of print] Do Emergency Physicians change their behavior in the hallway or when a companion is present? A cross-sectional survey. Stoklosa H, Scannell M, Ma Z, Rosner B, Hughes A, Bohan JS. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29431142

Action Alert from the Vermont Network

The Moment is Now: Your Voice Needed on Firearms

Last week was a game-changer for dialogue about firearm safety in Vermont. Driven by outrage and grief after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida - youth and advocates gathered in the Vermont Statehouse to demand change.  The Governor and legislative leaders have committed to taking action and bills related to firearms are moving quickly. We need your help to ensure that the voices of domestic violence survivors are heard this week. 

In a memo released last week, Governor Scott asked the legislature to pass H.422, the Network's bill that would allow law enforcement to immediately remove firearms at the scene of a domestic assault. The bill is currently in Senate Judiciary and has not yet passed out of committee. Another firearms-related bill, S. 221 has passed out of committee and will be on the Senate floor early this week. This bill allows for a court to remove firearms if it is found that someone poses a potential risk.
While S.221 is helpful in preventing certain forms of gun violence, H.422 focuses solely upon the prevention of domestic violence homicides at the most dangerous time for victims and their children. S.221 does not include the issues addressed in H.422.

  • Call the Governor at 802-828-3333 and thank him for his support of domestic violence victims and H. 422. Ask him to urge the Senate to pass H.422, in addition to S.221. S.221 does not include the specific needs of domestic violence victims and their children.

  • Call your Senators at 802-828-2228 and tell them to pass H.422, in addition to S.221. S.221 does not include the specific needs of domestic violence victims and their children. To find your Senator click here

Now is the moment for change. Please take a moment to call the Governor and your Senators today. 


That is all for now- please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions!


September Update

I hope that you are enjoying the last hurrah of summer- I can already feel the chill of autumn in the air.  I have been busy reviewing the SANE Certifications - if you have not already submitted your form please do so no later than Friday, Sept. 1st.  DON'T LET YOUR SANE CERTIFICATION LAPSE!!!  You can find all the forms on the website- www.vermontsane.org.   

I am preparing to take the SANE-A test in September and I thought I would share a few of the questions that I came across: (answers at the end)

The SANE is assessing a 70-year old female patient who reports being sexually assaulted.  While examining the patient the nurse notes a hematoma on the patient's hymen that extended from 3 o'clock to the 8 o'clock position.  This finding indicates:
A. a straddle injury
B. epithelial lining hypertrophy
C. hypervascularity
D. penetrating genital injury

The SANE documents that a female patient is a Tanner Stage 3.  The nurse's conclusion is based on his/her observation that:
A. Breasts and nipples are enlarged with no separation of the contours of the breast mounds.
B. Breasts buds are present and the breasts and nipples appear as small mounds.
C. Coarse pubic hair extends to the medial surface of the patient's thigh.
D. Curly dark pubic hair is spread sparsely over the patient's labia.

I will also post a weekly question of Facebook for those who are interested -Forensic Nurses- Vermont

Comments from the Forensic Lab- Please remember to use pencil on the slides, the pen will wash off.  If you submit a tampon for evidence collection let it dry and then put it in an underwear bag.

Legislative news- as of July 1st, Kits need to be transported to the Vermont Forensic Lab with in 72 hours from the time the kit was completed.  The Statue of Limitation for Sexual Assualt has been eliminated for Adults.  A study committee has been established to review kit tracking and electronic kit documentation.  Vermont has passed a Sexual Assault Bill of Rights.  

Upcoming webinars, conferences, and resources:


Legal Experiential Day - Sept 22, 2017-  This will be an opportunity for you to practice giving testimony in a live courtroom. The event will be held in the Burlington Court House on September 22 from 8-4:30.  The first half of the day will be practice testimony and the second part will be educational -TBD.  REGISTER HERE.  The training is free to all SANEs and lunch will be provided.  We are limiting the sign-up to 20 SANEs so that everyone will have a chance to testify.


International Association of Forensic Nurses -IAFN: 

How Language Helps Shape Our Response to Sexual Violence-  - click here  I would highly recommend this webinar
Demystifying the Prepubescent Medical Forensic Exam-  click here 
American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants- AALNC:

Pleadings, Discovery, and Trial: Oh my! How Cases are Prepared for Trial from Day One.  August 29th  click here to register.

End Violence Against Women International -EVAWI:

Challenging Victims: the Delicate Dynamics of Drug and Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault September 22nd  click here to register.

SANE Program Development and Operation Web Training Series:

How to Expand an Existing SANE Program Sept 18 2 pm click here to register

Developing a SANE program in Rural Communities Sept. 29th 2 pm click here to register



SAVE THE DATE New England Advanced Victims Services Conference - November 6th Killington.  Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services  

Tracks: Human Trafficking, Working with people with disabilities, Child Victims, Stalking and Strangulation. More to come....



Forensic in Everyday Conference Monday, October 23rd Newton, Ma  click here to register



Multidisciplinary Team Response to Child Sex Trafficking Conference November 28- Dec 1st. Tucson, Az. Conference Brochure.

The Last Warning Shot: Addressing Non-Fatal Strangulation September 29th New Orleans, La. Conference Brochure



IAFN International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice  October 11 - Saturday, October 14, 2017, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Conference Brochure.


Bruising in Older Adults: Accidental Bruising and Bruising from Physical Abuse  click here

National Best Practice for Sexual Assault Kits click here

OCV Fact Sheets Highlight Current Crime and Victimization Trends click here

I will also have a copy of this email on the website under updates. www.vermontsane.org

That is all for now- as always feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. 

Enjoy the last days of summer,



answers-1: D- penetrating genital trauma, 2: A -In the female, Tanner Stage 3 is identified by breast and nipple enlargement with no separation of the contours of the breast mounds, Breast buds are stage w, pubic hair on the labia is noted in stage 4 and course pubic hair extending to the thighs is not seen until stage 5.


New Laws Extend Protections For Victims Of Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence By JANE LINDHOLM & PATTI DANIELS

Listen Here

The governor signed two bills on Tuesday that extend protections for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Some of the changes have been long in coming for the advocates who work on these issues.

The laws make dramatic changes to the statute of limitations for sexual assault and child exploitation, creates a sexual assault survivor "Bill of Rights," and makes improvements to how rape kits are collected. We discuss why advocates have pushed for these policies and what the changes will mean to victims of these crimes.

Our guests are Auburn Watersong, policy director of the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual ViolenceRep. Maxine Grad of Moretown, chair of the House Judiciary Committee; and Sarah Robinson, coordinator of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners program.

July Update

I hope that you are well and trying to have some fun in between the rain showers. I have been busy this summer visiting many of the hospital SANE programs across the state. I meet with the SANE teams at Rutland, BMH, Grace Cottage and Porter/Parton. It is always nice to see everyone in their home environment. I am also getting ready to review all the adult, adolescent and pediatric re/certifications; if you received an email that you are due for certification the deadline for submission is August 1. You can print out the forms from the website www.vermontsane.org If you have any question please feel free to email me raenetta@vtnetwork.org

It is that time of year to start thinking about the IAFN Conference-

We will be applying again this year for a grant from the Children’s Justice Act to fund up to six nurses to go to the 2017 International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice October 11 - Saturday, October 14, 2017in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This will be in the form of registration for the conference, payment of lodging for 4 nights at the advertised rate, reimbursement of up to $400 for travel and a daily travel stipend/per diem. If we receive the grant, we will be able to pay the registration and hotel directly and promptly reimburse your travel arrangements so that you will have little out of pocket expenses.

The criteria are as follows:

  • The SANEs must be Vermont Pediatric SANEs or adult/adolescent SANEs that care for adolescents. They must be Vermont certified or have applied for certification.
  • If there are more than six applicants, names will be drawn from a hat. We will limit the number from each hospital unless there are fewer than six hospitals represented.
  • In return, awardees are asked to:
  1. serve on the planning committee for 2018 SANE Ed Days (this would be in-person or by phone 2 or 3 times)
  2. give a presentation (written or in-person) to SANE Board outlining the following:
    1. 3 things I learned that I can apply in my work right away
    2. 2 things I learned that will help me strengthen the SANE program at my hospital
    3. 2 suggestions for strengthening the SANE program statewide

Please note:

  • If you are not willing to fulfill the two criteria listed above, please do not apply.
  • You will need a US passport to cross the and re-cross the Canadian border. Please be sure that you have a current passport or apply for a passport right away.
  • Please be sure of your intention/availability to go before submitting your name.

The deadline for applying for this award is July 20 and the recipients will be notified by July 25 so that they can take advantage of the early registration discount which ends on July 31.

Send us your request to be considered and your name will go in the hat. We encourage all who are interested in applying regardless of your experience or previous attendance at a conference.

Education opportunities:

UVMMC CASE Review will not be held in July, we will resume on Thursday, August 24th. Pediatric is from 8-9 and Adult is from 9:30-10 and is held in the ED conference room.

You can also review cases on the IAFN website.



Aug. 10 will be How language shapes our response to sexual violence
Nov 1 will be A team approach: Child life's' role in pediatric sexual abuse cases
June 22 Demystifying the prepubescent medical forensic examination

Strangulation Institute

Today I watched a webinar from the Strangulation Institute - Use of the Imaging Protocol in Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases
here is a Dropbox or Hightail link You can also view past webinars and other resources can be found on our website: Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention

Tribal Forensic Healthcare

In June there was a great webinar on Forensic Photography from Tribal Forensic Healthcare


IAFN Conference 10/11-14 Toronto Canada click here for the brochure

International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Gender Bias. April 3-5th Chicago, Illinois click here for more information


Vermont SANE Retreat Tuesday, July 25th from 12-4 at Waterbury Reservoir, families are welcome. I will bring 2 kayaks and we will provide an assortment of burgers- ham/veggie/bean.... and sides. RSVP @ raenetta@vtnetwork.org

177 Reservoir Rd, Waterbury Center, VT 05677

The Legal Experiential Day will be in September in Burlington- I am still waiting on a date. The morning will be the legal testimony and the afternoon will be injury identification and documentation.

That's all for now,




NH Training and IAFN Conference

The New Hampshire SANE Program is having a quarterly day on August 21st at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH. This training will be a SANE-A and SANE-P Board Certification Review Course and will be for SANEs who are either seeking certification or simply want a refresher course.

If you are interested, please sign up via the link below.


The SANE-A and SANE-P certification exams are offered twice per year. The next certification exams will be offered September 1 - 30, 2017. The September application window is now open.  Visit the IAFN website to sign up for the exam.  click here

The IAFN conference will be in Toronto Canada on October 11-14.  Now is a great time to ask your CAC or hospital for funds to attend this amazing educational event.  In past years, the Vermont SANE Program, with Children's Justice Act funds, has been able to sponsor 6 SANEs to attend the conference (we will know if we receive the CJA grant by mid-July).  If you are interested in applying for funding, please submit a letter to me stating how you will use the information you gain at the conference to improve your hospital program. You will also be required to help the Vermont SANE program with education planning and webinars.  Priority will be given to Adult and Pediatric SANEs. raenetta@vtnetwork.org

June SANE Updates

Welcome to the new SANE website.  I am very excited that technology has become so easy that even a nurse can develop a website!  In the future, this is where you will log your case, look for training, webinars, and updates.  

Whats is new for June, we are offering training money to attend a SANE Boot camp in Washington DC if you are interested in attending please email me soon. 

When:   Tuesday, June 13, 2017

10:00 AM

Where: District of Columbia Forensic Nurse Examiners

951 V Street NE

Washington, District of Columbia20018

United States

Contact:              Jana French




Event Web Address


Contact Name: Jana French

Contact Email: jana@dcfne.org

Contact Phone Number:  2027421736

Event CEUs: 8

Event Fee:  $150 for the first two registered; $175 general


SANE Bootcamp: Back to the Basics Need a refresher on your FNE skills? DCFNEs boot camp will review evidence collection, pelvic examination, photography skills, speculum insertion, anatomical landmarks, & medication teaching. ‣ LIVE pelvic model ‣ Hands on skills stations ‣ Core Curriculum review Coffee & Lunch provided; free, private parking

In Other new's the Vermont Legislator Passed a number of bills the benefit sexual assault survivors.  These include:

H25 Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights -This bill proposes to establish the rights of a sexual assault survivor relating to the collection and retention of evidence and the provision of information regarding the collection of evidence and options and services available to the survivor. click here for the official text

S.95 An Act Relating to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner - aims to streamline the existing SANE statue and examine and improve Vermont's system for providing this service and tracking evidence. click here for the official text.

H.27 Eliminates the Statute of Limitation on Sexual Assault ( was 6 years now there is no statute of limitations), raises limitation to 40 years for on sexual exploitation of a student ( was 6 years). click here for the official text.


JUNE 14TH SANE COORDINATORS MEETING - 1 PM -3:30 PM  The Agenda  Location: The Network 63 Barre St Montpelier Vt.  Bring your lunch we will provide snacks and a dessert. Please RSVP raenetta@vtnetwork.org

That's all for now-  Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.