September Update

I hope that you are enjoying the last hurrah of summer- I can already feel the chill of autumn in the air.  I have been busy reviewing the SANE Certifications - if you have not already submitted your form please do so no later than Friday, Sept. 1st.  DON'T LET YOUR SANE CERTIFICATION LAPSE!!!  You can find all the forms on the website-   

I am preparing to take the SANE-A test in September and I thought I would share a few of the questions that I came across: (answers at the end)

The SANE is assessing a 70-year old female patient who reports being sexually assaulted.  While examining the patient the nurse notes a hematoma on the patient's hymen that extended from 3 o'clock to the 8 o'clock position.  This finding indicates:
A. a straddle injury
B. epithelial lining hypertrophy
C. hypervascularity
D. penetrating genital injury

The SANE documents that a female patient is a Tanner Stage 3.  The nurse's conclusion is based on his/her observation that:
A. Breasts and nipples are enlarged with no separation of the contours of the breast mounds.
B. Breasts buds are present and the breasts and nipples appear as small mounds.
C. Coarse pubic hair extends to the medial surface of the patient's thigh.
D. Curly dark pubic hair is spread sparsely over the patient's labia.

I will also post a weekly question of Facebook for those who are interested -Forensic Nurses- Vermont

Comments from the Forensic Lab- Please remember to use pencil on the slides, the pen will wash off.  If you submit a tampon for evidence collection let it dry and then put it in an underwear bag.

Legislative news- as of July 1st, Kits need to be transported to the Vermont Forensic Lab with in 72 hours from the time the kit was completed.  The Statue of Limitation for Sexual Assualt has been eliminated for Adults.  A study committee has been established to review kit tracking and electronic kit documentation.  Vermont has passed a Sexual Assault Bill of Rights.  

Upcoming webinars, conferences, and resources:


Legal Experiential Day - Sept 22, 2017-  This will be an opportunity for you to practice giving testimony in a live courtroom. The event will be held in the Burlington Court House on September 22 from 8-4:30.  The first half of the day will be practice testimony and the second part will be educational -TBD.  REGISTER HERE.  The training is free to all SANEs and lunch will be provided.  We are limiting the sign-up to 20 SANEs so that everyone will have a chance to testify.


International Association of Forensic Nurses -IAFN: 

How Language Helps Shape Our Response to Sexual Violence-  - click here  I would highly recommend this webinar
Demystifying the Prepubescent Medical Forensic Exam-  click here 
American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants- AALNC:

Pleadings, Discovery, and Trial: Oh my! How Cases are Prepared for Trial from Day One.  August 29th  click here to register.

End Violence Against Women International -EVAWI:

Challenging Victims: the Delicate Dynamics of Drug and Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault September 22nd  click here to register.

SANE Program Development and Operation Web Training Series:

How to Expand an Existing SANE Program Sept 18 2 pm click here to register

Developing a SANE program in Rural Communities Sept. 29th 2 pm click here to register



SAVE THE DATE New England Advanced Victims Services Conference - November 6th Killington.  Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services  

Tracks: Human Trafficking, Working with people with disabilities, Child Victims, Stalking and Strangulation. More to come....



Forensic in Everyday Conference Monday, October 23rd Newton, Ma  click here to register



Multidisciplinary Team Response to Child Sex Trafficking Conference November 28- Dec 1st. Tucson, Az. Conference Brochure.

The Last Warning Shot: Addressing Non-Fatal Strangulation September 29th New Orleans, La. Conference Brochure



IAFN International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice  October 11 - Saturday, October 14, 2017, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Conference Brochure.


Bruising in Older Adults: Accidental Bruising and Bruising from Physical Abuse  click here

National Best Practice for Sexual Assault Kits click here

OCV Fact Sheets Highlight Current Crime and Victimization Trends click here

I will also have a copy of this email on the website under updates.

That is all for now- as always feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. 

Enjoy the last days of summer,



answers-1: D- penetrating genital trauma, 2: A -In the female, Tanner Stage 3 is identified by breast and nipple enlargement with no separation of the contours of the breast mounds, Breast buds are stage w, pubic hair on the labia is noted in stage 4 and course pubic hair extending to the thighs is not seen until stage 5.