on the Me Too Kit

A note from the Vermont SANE Program on the Me Too Kit

By now you may have heard about the Me Too Kit - a company promoting its product of an “at home rape kit” for evidence collection after sexual assault. The company has been conducting outreach to the general public to increase pre-orders of its product and to market its college focused pilot program.

It is no surprise that many of our local and national allied partners in the work to end sexual violence have shared swift and concerned responses to this business venture - the company makes many claims about the benefits of attempting to collect DNA evidence at home that gravely misrepresent the realities of forensic medical care after a sexual assault.

While the Vermont SANE Program develops its official response to the Me Too Kit, we also want to send out a brief note to all survivors who may consider seeking care after a sexual assault. We believe that confidential evidence collection and other forensic medical care should be free to all survivors. We believe that survivors are the experts of their own experiences, and should be empowered with all of the best information and options available to make choices after an experience of violence. We also believe that it is on the entire community, and not an individual survivor themselves, to hold people accountable for their choices to use sexual violence to harm someone.

The Me Too Kit is a dangerous and misinformed diversion away from many of the resources we have worked to make available to survivors of sexual assault and abuse, should they want to engage with a criminal legal process. If you or someone you know is considering using an at home evidence collection kit, please know that it is unlikely to be received as “evidence” by law enforcement, and that a free and confidential sexual assault nurse examination kit is available to you at hospitals across Vermont.

Here are some additional statements on the Me Too Kit from our national partners:

And please feel free to reach out with questions or thoughts on this issue,

  • Kiona, Raenetta, Tracey, and Sarah